What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

According to California’s Law, a Qui tam lawsuit is a whistleblowing case where the whistleblower (or “relator”) may receive a reward if government funds are recovered. In addition, the False Claims Act allows anyone to file a lawsuit against anyone intentionally defrauding the government. This law was passed in 1987. The False Claims Act allows […]

Do you know 5 of the most common signs of sexual harassment?

Sexually harassing behavior may not be clear. Therefore, most employees find it difficult to determine if they are being sexually harassed. It is clear that the person who suffers from the harassment perceives that something is wrong and they always suffer discomfort. Anyone who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace knows how stressful and […]

Key California Requirements Impacting Time Off

When most people think of job theft or unfair working conditions, they only think of unfair pay. Most employees don’t realize that theft can also be non-recognition of days off, overtime, breaks, etc. . In order to identify if you are suffering any injustice at work, you need to know what benefits you deserve from […]

Have you been a victim of fraud when making a purchase?

Consumer fraud occurs when a business or corporation uses illegal or unethical tactics that cause harm to consumers. Learn some tips to avoid this type of fraud: Pay the safest way: Credit cards are the safest way to pay for online purchases because you can dispute the charges if you never get the goods or […]

Were you fired unfairly?

Wrongful termination is defined as “being fired for an unlawful reason, which may involve a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws or a breach of contract.” An example of an unjustified termination would be firing an employee based on specific characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or disability. Although some reasons quickly lead to wrongful […]

What is marital discrimination in the workplace?

Workplace discrimination is a problem that continues to affect many workers in the United States. Although much has been done to create a fair and equitable environment, many employees in California still experience unfair and unequal treatment. This treatment is usually based on specific characteristics. The most common characteristics for which people suffer discrimination are: […]