All about holiday breaks in California

Christmas time is one of the best seasons of the year. Sadly, it is not too festive for many people because they lack a day off. But you should know that California protects employees from having legal holidays, including federal holidays, the holidays observed by the federal government and each of the 50 states, such […]

Wrongful Termination Based on Medical Conditions and Disabilities

Wrongful termination of employment due to an employee’s mental or physical disability, health, or medical condition is prohibited in California. If you have been unlawfully terminated because of the above conditions, you can recover lost wages and be compensated. Employment in the state of California is at will. This means an employer can generally terminate […]

Common fraud cases during Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a great season to get outstanding deals. Black Friday draws millions of holiday shoppers seeking to get the hottest products. Unfortunately, this flurry of shopping activity also attracts scammers looking to cash in. We all know that during Black Friday, we can get the best deals of the year, especially to get the […]

Are You a Whistleblower?

Many people think that being the Whistleblower in illegal activity is terrible, but the reality is that even if it can be scary, it is the right thing to do. It represents many risks, but with the correct legal help, you can help achieve justice. If you witness illegal or fraudulent activity, you should contact […]

Rite Aid Corp. Will Pay a $12 Million Wage Settlement

FedEx and two former delivery drivers who worked for the company through an independent contractor settled wage and hour claims concerning $13,000 in back pay in California federal court Tuesday, a day after a jury trial began over whether FedEx is jointly liable for alleged labor law violations. . . .

Types of consumer fraud

As consumers, we have many responsibilities and also have rights. This is excellent news because the law protects us from many hazards. In California, the most common risk for a consumer is fraud. Fraud is the action of deceptive, illegal, or unethical practices from businesses or corporations that harm consumers. Some examples are false advertising, […]

Work conditions for blind people – Blindness Awareness Month

Blindness is considered a disability. For employees in California, it means that this physical condition can not discriminate against them. During October, Blindness Awareness Month is dedicated to bringing a heightened focus on the challenges that blind people face in their everyday activities, especially in their jobs.  Eye injuries or diseases are widespread; according to […]

What should you do if you aren’t getting legally required breaks?

First, if you aren’t allowed to take legally required breaks, or you’re required to work through your breaks without getting paid, contact your lawyer. Your lawyer would help you understand the laws of your state. In these cases, the laws change in every state. If you work in California, you should know your rights.  Under […]

All about Misclassification

Did you know misclassification can lead to improper pay, lost benefits, tax implications, and unpaid overtime hours worked? But do you know what misclassification is? Employee misclassification is the practice of labeling workers as independent contractors when they are actually employees. This allows employers to avoid paying unemployment benefits and other taxes to workers, and […]

What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

According to California’s Law, a Qui tam lawsuit is a whistleblowing case where the whistleblower (or “relator”) may receive a reward if government funds are recovered. In addition, the False Claims Act allows anyone to file a lawsuit against anyone intentionally defrauding the government. This law was passed in 1987. The False Claims Act allows […]