As consumers, we have many responsibilities and also have rights. This is excellent news because the law protects us from many hazards. In California, the most common risk for a consumer is fraud. Fraud is the action of deceptive, illegal, or unethical practices from businesses or corporations that harm consumers. Some examples are false advertising, hidden charges, misleading contract terms, predatory lending, and rebate scams. 

How can you avoid being a victim of any of these actions? The first step is to know the hazard and then search for an experienced lawyer to help you with your case. Here is a list of the most common types of consumer fraud:

– False advertising: A business misrepresents an item they are selling, such as promising certain health benefits that are not factual. 

– Unfair pricing: Businesses advertise goods at one price, then charge something else or add on costs not previously disclosed. 

– Sale of Unsafe Products: A manufacturer sells a defective product or fails to warn consumers of possible dangers. 

– Identity Theft: Some examples of this fraud are: skimming your name, bank account, or credit card information through data mining. 

– Mortgage Fraud: When a lender/company promises a loan modification money-back guarantee. Other related actions are, for example, when they advise you to stop paying, not to contact your mortgage servicer, or ask you to sign papers you need help understanding. 

– Fake Charities: It is when a fake charity contacts you and pressures you to make donations via cash, wire transfer, or credit card. 

– Debt Collection Fraud: It is when a scammer pressures you to pay or may threaten you. 

Our team is dedicated to fighting for American consumers and making them aware of consumer fraud. Remember, if you suffer a scam, you can do something. Start your legal process with us. We want to hear from you! Let our consumer fraud attorneys review your case today.