When Does Sexual Harassment Get Serious Enough for a Lawyer

It may start out as a tease or a joke, but someday you come to realize that this seriously jeopardizing your ability to function. The Law Sexual harassment is part of the general prohibition against discrimination on the basis of gender under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for…. Read More

How to Safely Blow the Whistle

Whistleblowers are often the heroes who save companies from themselves. A whistleblower is someone who provides information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies about a business that the whistleblower has observed from the inside engaging in suspected illegal, unsafe, or improper activities. The whistleblower is an irreplaceable source of information to enhance regulatory compliance. Dangers….. Read More

Are You Exempt? Really?

An “exempt employee” is one who does not have to be paid overtime. Federal law is quite clear on this matter. You are exempt if one or more of the following is true: You have managing the enterprise as a primary duty, have the authority to hire or fire others and regularly direct two or…. Read More

Do You Qualify For A Class Action Lawsuit

You have been injured by a product and you want the company to make amends. If you are one of many people who were injured, you might be better off joining a class action against the company, but that raises some questions. Do you qualify for one? And would it be a better choice than…. Read More

What Are Your Rights When You Are an Employee

What are Your Rights When You Are an Employee? In the days of Charles Dickens, employees had to rely on the generosity of their employers for any benefits and advantages. During the industrial revolution period, employment was regarded as one step removed from slavery. The Evolution of Employee Rights under Law: The development of employee…. Read More

The Legal Status of Human Trafficking for Labor

Labor trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. People are brought into the United States with the promise of employment. When they arrive, they find conditions are not as promised. They usually find that the promise is false and they are forced to perform labor with little or no remuneration under the threat of arrest…. Read More

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