Bank Employee Accused of Fraud Wins in Court

The Termination and Charges. In January, 2013, Bank of America terminated Salma Aghmane, a vice president, claiming it had “conclusive” evidence of the wrongdoing. The Bank immediately reported her to Arizona-based Early Warning Services L.L.C. – known as “EWS” – which maintained a database of bank employees who were fired for knowingly causing financial loss….. Read More

Sexual Harassment Against Men

If you think about sexual harassment in the workplace, you are probably picturing a woman. You might be thinking about a woman getting touched inappropriately, though there are times when it is suggested that, if they sleep with their boss, they may get a better title in the office. However, sexual harassment is not just…. Read More

Can Your Employer Keep You On-Call Without Pay?

The answer is: It depends. Although it might seem unpleasant to be stuck on call, your employer may not need to compensate you.’ Part of the distinction is the rather unclear “Waiting to be engaged” versus “Engaged to wait” terminology. To put it in simple terms, you are entitled to compensation if any of the…. Read More

Sexual Harassment Against Men in the Workplace

There has been a lot of talk of late about sexual harassment – but there tends to be an assumption made that the victim is a woman and the perpetrator is a man. In fact, although statistics indicate it is less common, men can be victims of harassment both from women and from other men….. Read More

When Does Sexual Harassment Get Serious Enough for a Lawyer

It may start out as a tease or a joke, but someday you come to realize that this seriously jeopardizing your ability to function. The Law Sexual harassment is part of the general prohibition against discrimination on the basis of gender under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for…. Read More

How to Safely Blow the Whistle

Whistleblowers are often the heroes who save companies from themselves. A whistleblower is someone who provides information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies about a business that the whistleblower has observed from the inside engaging in suspected illegal, unsafe, or improper activities. The whistleblower is an irreplaceable source of information to enhance regulatory compliance. Dangers….. Read More

Are You Exempt? Really?

An “exempt employee” is one who does not have to be paid overtime. Federal law is quite clear on this matter. You are exempt if one or more of the following is true: You have managing the enterprise as a primary duty, have the authority to hire or fire others and regularly direct two or…. Read More

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