Thanksgiving is a great season to get outstanding deals. Black Friday draws millions of holiday shoppers seeking to get the hottest products. Unfortunately, this flurry of shopping activity also attracts scammers looking to cash in.

We all know that during Black Friday, we can get the best deals of the year, especially to get the perfect Christmas gifts at the best prices. Here is a list of the most common scams this day; check it out to prevent any fraud in your shopping.

1. Non-delivery scam: you can identify if you are falling into this fraud if you don’t get a tracking number, the package never arrives, and the seller disappears.

2. Gift card scam: if a website asks you to pay with a gift card, you should raise enormous red flags.

3. Fake charity scam: these frauds are covered by urgent messages to help people in need. Take time to research charities using resources that track and rate nonprofits.       

4. Fake order scam: If you click on a phishing link, act immediately. If you provided login credentials for any site, change your username and password.

5. Fake website scam: this case is typical if you accidentally misspell the name when typing it into your browser bar.

6. Fake delivery scam: Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this during Black Friday by sending false delivery notifications via email or text message.

Call us immediately to evaluate your case if you fall into any of these frauds. Our team has the experience you need.