What is a hostile work environment?

A hostile work environment is a term used to describe a work environment in which an employee is subjected to unwanted discrimination or harassment. Harassment can be based on various factors, such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or age, and can be verbal, physical, or visual in nature. A hostile work environment can impact […]

The Importance of Clear Communication in Employee Classification

In this blog we will emphasize the importance of clear communication between employers and employees when it comes to classification. Clear communication is an essential component of any successful workplace. When it comes to employee classification, clear communication between employers and employees is crucial. Misclassification can have serious consequences, including legal and financial penalties, as […]

What is the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act (FCA), or “Lincoln Act,” is the federal law that provides criminal and civil penalties for falsely billing the government, overrepresenting the quantity of a product delivered, or understating an obligation to the government. The False Claims Act can be enforced either by the Department of Justice or by individuals in a […]

Why would an employer misclassify employees?

Misclassifying an employee can seem like a tempting option for companies. By taking this action they can avoid legal compliance requirements such as withholding taxes, deductions and thus save a lot of money. However, this is not only unfair to workers and is illegal. Misclassification occurs when an employer tells you that they will be […]

Are you facing retaliation at work?

Retaliation often occurs from employees when they, whether at a private company or a government agency, break the law. In these scenarios, it is common for employees to inform the police or government authorities about the illegal practice that they have discovered in the company. By taking this action, the employee will receive rewards from […]

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The Americans with Impairments Act (ADA) forbids prejudice against those with disabilities in all spheres of social life (transportation, schools, jobs, and all private and public places that are generally open). The goal of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities and rights as other people. All types […]

All about holiday breaks in California

Christmas time is one of the best seasons of the year. Sadly, it is not too festive for many people because they lack a day off. But you should know that California protects employees from having legal holidays, including federal holidays, the holidays observed by the federal government and each of the 50 states, such […]

Wrongful Termination Based on Medical Conditions and Disabilities

Wrongful termination of employment due to an employee’s mental or physical disability, health, or medical condition is prohibited in California. If you have been unlawfully terminated because of the above conditions, you can recover lost wages and be compensated. Employment in the state of California is at will. This means an employer can generally terminate […]

Common fraud cases during Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a great season to get outstanding deals. Black Friday draws millions of holiday shoppers seeking to get the hottest products. Unfortunately, this flurry of shopping activity also attracts scammers looking to cash in. We all know that during Black Friday, we can get the best deals of the year, especially to get the […]

Are You a Whistleblower?

Many people think that being the Whistleblower in illegal activity is terrible, but the reality is that even if it can be scary, it is the right thing to do. It represents many risks, but with the correct legal help, you can help achieve justice. If you witness illegal or fraudulent activity, you should contact […]