Bank Employee Accused of Fraud Wins in Court

The Termination and Charges. In January, 2013, Bank of America terminated Salma Aghmane, a vice president, claiming it had “conclusive” evidence of the wrongdoing. The Bank immediately reported her to Arizona-based Early Warning Services L.L.C. – known as “EWS” – which maintained a database of bank employees who were fired for knowingly causing financial loss. […]

Fake Sales in California Department Stores Trigger a Customer Class Action

It seems like department stores will do anything to get more purchases, but recently several California stores have taken the cake with downright fraud. Everyone loves a sale, and the department stores know that. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a beautiful blouse or a useful appliance for more than 10% off the listing […]

5 New California Employment Laws for 2017

The laws which govern employment in California are complex and constantly changing, a fact that represents a significant challenge for human resource professionals and workers in the golden state.  According to the California Chamber of Congress, the legal requirements regarding issues ranging from sexual harassment to worker’s compensation to whistle blowing and employment discrimination “can be […]

Bank of Marin Alameda Running Festival 2016: Hallie Von Rock

Our resident Rock Star Runner Hallie made the news. Attorney Hallie Von Rock of Aiman-Smith & Marcy participated in the Alameda inaugural Bank of Marin Alameda Running Festival. Furthermore, Ekene Ikeme of Almeda Sun says Hallie is “…the first woman and Alamedan to complete the distance.” This is very exciting to us and we congratulate […]

Wells Fargo Scam Investigation

It’s been widely reported that Wells Fargo engaged in a scam where upper management instructed lower-level employees to open fake customer accounts – credit card accounts and extra unneeded bank accounts. We believe that many, if not most, of the employees who suffered through this experience have a legitimate case against Wells Fargo.

Aiman-Smith & Marcy Secures Class Certification in Employment Law Class Action Lawsuit Against Telecom Network Specialists, Inc. (“TNS”)

More than 1,000 cell site workers acquire class action certification for alleged unpaid wages, including missed meal and rest break and overtime pay. LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 The Honorable Judge John Wiley, Jr., presiding over the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, Department 311 certified the plaintiff class in Benton v. […]

62,000 Abercrombie & Fitch Employees Are Suing in Class Action Lawsuit

Roughly 62,000 past and present employees are suing Abercrombie & Fitch in a class action lawsuit. The suit is claiming employees were forced to wear the clothing on the job and forced employees to buy clothes every new style guide. All of which is described by Marcy as discriminatory and illegal. To read the entire […]

Man Insists on Enforcing Extended Warranty

Bryn bought a Healthmaster Blender several years ago. He also bought the extended warranty that covered the product for an extra seven years. When his blender broke down with two years left on the extended warranty, he called the company. The company wanted to sell him a refurbished model for an extra $75.00 at first. […]

PG&E Employee Collects $1 Million in Santa Cruz Wrongful Termination Claim

On December 16, 2013, a forty-four-year-old ex-PG&E power line worker was given over $1 million in a civil claim subsequent to making safety complaints and being dismissed in 2012. Live Oak resident Matthew Niswonger was employed by PG&E for nearly eight years. His crew was demanded to restore a broken electrical pole on Hihn Road […]

Google Just Got Hit with a Major Class Action Lawsuit

Hagens Berman, a consumer rights law firm, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Google, claiming “the search engine giant illegally monopolized, and financially and creatively stagnated the American market of internet and mobile search.” Do they have a case? The lawsuit accuses Google of creating secret “Mobile Application Distribution Agreements.” Berman believes these agreements were hidden from […]