Recover Your Unpaid Overtime Wages

Hard work can feel good, but not when you are not rightfully compensated. California state law protects workers by regulating how workers are paid when working overtime and extended work weeks. The overtime laws in California are very clear-cut: You are entitled to time-and-a-half pay for any hours over eight hours in a day and […]

Minimum Wage Set To Increase To $15 per hour

In April, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB3 into law. The new law increases California’s minimum wage each year until it reaches $15 per hour. This increase applies to employers with at least 26 employees on January 1, 2022.  This makes for the highest statewide minimum wage in the United States. New York enacted a similar […]

Wage and Hour Claims: Am I being properly compensated for the hours I work?

Wage and hour claims in California have been increasing in recent years due to changing employment laws and employee awareness. Still many employers fail to properly pay their employees for the hours they work. Although this may be intentional in some circumstances, many employers do not keep current with wage and hour laws and they […]

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Fair Day’s Pay Act

On October 11, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown approved Senate Bill 588, the Fair Day’s Pay Act and filed it with the California Secretary of State. This law is aimed at cracking down on employers that fail to pay wages to employees even after a judgment in the employee’s favor has been entered. The change in […]