Maternity Leave in the United States: What to Expect

Becoming a mother is an exciting time. However, you also need some time to learn to adjust to it all, plus your body needs time to heal. These first few weeks are really important for new mothers and their babies. Because of this, you may be looking into maternity leave so you can take this […]

Age Discrimination in the Workplace: What Does It Look Like?

When people think about discrimination, they often think about people not being treated fairly due to their sexual orientation, race, sex, and even their marital status. However, age discrimination is also a big problem in the workplace. This often happens when people are treated differently once they hit a certain age (over forty).  So, what […]

6 Tips to Help a Well-Meaning Employer Avoid Pregnancy Discrimination Mistakes

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Most employers mean well. Most managers want the best for their team and make decisions based on well-being. They take it easy on team members who are stressed out, they send food home with the interns, and they have an understanding word for those going through tough times. But […]

Stopping Pregnancy and Maternal Leave Discrimination

At a time when most parents’ are dutifully investing into their baby’s future, whether it be with painstakingly prepping new rooms for painting or eagerly awaiting prenatal appointment sonograms, no employee should face discrimination due to pregnancy. In order to develop a healthy pregnancy, the last thing a new mother needs is an employer that […]

California Caregivers Take Legal Against Their Employer for Wage Violations

Caregiving can be a very hard profession. Many work their eight hours and end up staying later because they struggle to leave. There is always someone that needs to be taken care of, and there may not be anyone else to do it. Some caregivers work ten to twelve-hour days so that they don’t have […]

Transgender Discrimination In The Workplace In California

Discrimination is nothing new. Many people feel like they are treated unfairly due to their religion, sex, color, and much more. Sexual orientation is another reason why someone may feel like they are treated differently. Transgender people feel the same way. They are often treated unfairly. In fact, discrimination in the workplace has recently made […]

I Am a California Domestic Caregiver. Are My Rights Being Violated?

California is not like all states when it comes to the legal framework for domestic caregivers. This is a good thing! California law is working hard to ensure that domestic care workers rights are protected as they serve their clients. If you are such a worker, what does that look like for you? My employer […]

California Delivery Drivers Have Rights Too

Delivery drivers have a pretty hectic work life, and the last thing that they need is to be treated as though they have no rights while on the job. In fact, delivery drivers do have rights. Two important ones rights for drivers are: To Be Paid Overtime The federal rule about overtime is that if […]

California Domestic Caregivers Rights to Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay

The state of California takes a close interest in employee rights, especially when it comes to proper pay. There are a few exceptions, but you have a right to get paid at least the minimum wage for domestic work. As a domestic caregiver, you’re entitled to overtime pay and all the other rights associated with […]

Tackling Workplace Discrimination During Pregnancy or Childbirth

Pregnancy involves many personal choices. Whether or not you get to keep your job should not be one of them. Thankfully, there are legal parameters in place that protect pregnant women, established by the Supreme Court through the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Each state has interpreted the PDA in their own way, so how it is […]