Age Discrimination

As the current workforce ages in place, issues of discriminatory actions increase exponentially. Age discrimination continues to plague many corporations. Our employment law attorneys specialize in such cases; they have the skills and experience to advocate the rights of all protected age group individuals. Corporations continue to associate more former employees with a propensity to […]

Pregnancy Discrimination in the California Workplace

The laws governing pregnancy-related discrimination are very complex and challenging. There are federal laws and state laws that provide specific protections; the law that applies will usually depend on the type of harm alleged. Attempting to navigate these laws without an attorney who is practiced in these matters may cause you to lose benefits to […]

How to Work With Your Employer for Disability Accommodation

Millions of Americans live with a disability every day and figure out how to make their lives work around the medical condition. From paraplegia to ADD, there are many different types of disability and most of them do not stop a person from effectively pursuing a career in something they know and love. But the […]

Do California Employers Reimburse People For Mileage?

Most of us have to drive to get to work, but some types of employment require driving in order to perform job duties. For instance, sales people sometimes have to travel between stores to make their sales, and caregivers have to chauffeur their charges to appointments. This can become expensive for positions where you drive […]

Four Signs of Pregnancy or Childbirth Discrimination

Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful event of which you should be proud. Unfortunately, some California employers may not agree. The State of California strongly prohibits any type of discrimination because of pregnancy, childbirth, or anything related to such events. Some employers may walk a very fine line and try to […]

Discrimination for Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy

People with virtually every kind of encumberment are likely to find themselves as a victim of some kind of discrimination. What does human rights law say about pregnancy? The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) is an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1963 (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act). Women who are pregnant have […]

The Rights of Caregivers

The role of being a caregiver for someone who needs intensive assistance is a deeply demanding role that can cut a person off of her or his personal needs. Part of the rights of a caregiver has to do with the basic attention to personal needs. These basic rights may or may impact on the […]

What Does Family Responsibilities Discrimination Look Like?

Family responsibilities discrimination, also known as FRD, is when an employee is discriminated against because they have to care for a family member. Though most people think about working parents, you may also be facing family responsibilities discrimination if you are caring for your aging parents or a spouse with a serious medical condition. You […]

Employers Cannot Discriminate Against Pregnant Employees

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your employer cannot fire you if you are pregnant under the California Family Rights Act and federal laws. This is very important if you are planning to return to work after you have your baby. A business in California must give a new mother up to 16 weeks of unpaid leave […]

Can You Be Discriminated Against as a Working Parent?

Working moms are less likely to be hired and are almost one hundred percent less likely to be promoted. This is an amazing statistic, knowing how much working moms can bring to the table. They are often great at multi-tasking and getting a lot done in a short amount of time! However, the truth is […]