Though most people think about mothers when they think about discrimination in the workplace, many men are starting to feel like they are facing the same problems. This is especially true because mothers are supposed to be the primary caretaker. Fathers are supposed to come to work, no matter what is going on at home. 

However, times are changing. Men and women can face discrimination in the workplace. Here are some ways that fathers may feel like they aren’t being treated the way that they should.  

Not getting paternal leave. Fathers deserve time off when their babies are born. Though most women get six to ten weeks of time off when they give birth, fathers don’t always get any time off. Though their bodies don’t need to heal (like women’s bodies do), their wives are going to need their help for the first few days and weeks. It is also quite an adjustment to the family and both parents deserve to have this time with their new baby. 

Not being allowed time off for emergencies. Because most people assume that mothers will be the one to take care of a sick child, some men feel like they aren’t allowed to take time off if their children need them. They worry about how their employers will feel. Some are afraid of being fired, while others don’t think that they will get the next promotion because of taking time off of work for their children. 

Or special events. Fathers deserve to leave the office so that they can be a part of their children’s lives. This includes time off for school events, plays, sports, and much more. Worrying about how your employer is going to take it is not the reason to miss these special times that you can’t get back. 

Getting talked about by your employer (or other employees). Certain employers may have a problem with the dads in the office. They may talk down about employees who make their family a priority over the job. 

However, they aren’t always the only ones who may have a problem with it. Some of the other employees may wonder why a dad has to keep taking off of work for their children, when they have a wife who could do it. They may complain to each other or to the supervisor or boss every time a dad has to leave early. They may even take it as far as treating the father unfairly. They may take out their anger on their fellow employee, by yelling and barking orders at him. 

Though men don’t need a few weeks off of work when their wife gives birth, they do deserve a few days to help everyone adjust to their new normal. They also deserve to ask for time off when their children are sick and need someone to stay home to watch them. Mothers can’t be the only ones who have to take off of work when someone doesn’t feel well. This is also true for special events. Children need both of their parents to be involved in their lives so both parents should be allowed to take time off to spend time at school events, sporting events, and much more. However, not all discrimination is done by employers. Other employees may not be happy and let everyone know about it (including the father). 

If you feel like you are being discriminated against because you are a father, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to sit down with you to discuss your options to make sure that you are being treated fairly. We are proud to side with employees to make sure that they are being treated the way that they deserve to be.

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