On August 12, 2014, nonentity rocket maker and sweetheart of the profitable space industry SpaceX was confronting another lawsuit over its labor procedures. In the second of two claims filed in Los Angeles County a week ago, a previous worker claimed that the rocket producer breached state labor laws by refusing employees breaks and expecting them to work unpaid overtime. The claim by an ex-tool maker at the Hawthorne corporation charged Space Exploration Technologies Corporation managers with forcing employees with schedules and workloads that refused them meal and rest breaks demanded by law. Furthermore, the complaint stated that workers were not paid for the lost break periods and other work the corporation demanded them to execute off the clock.

The most recent lawsuit, filed on August 8, 2014 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, arrived only days following two other previous workers filing a lawsuit charging the corporation with inappropriately dismissing many workers in late July without warning or payment. The newest complaint requested back-pay with interest in addition to other compensation and fines. Additionally, it asks for class-action standing to incorporate other hourly workers it states were dealt with identically.

California labor law demands workers to give thirty-minute meal breaks for workers who work over five hours and a second meal break if the worker works over ten hours. Furthermore, it expects employers to permit ten-minute rest breaks for each four hours worked. Corporations are expected to compensate workers an additional hour of pay for every workday a meal break was not given and an extra hour of pay for every workday when a rest break was not given.

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