Misclassifying an employee can seem like a tempting option for companies. By taking this action they can avoid legal compliance requirements such as withholding taxes, deductions and thus save a lot of money. However, this is not only unfair to workers and is illegal. Misclassification occurs when an employer tells you that they will be working as an independent contractor and that this type of classification gives you benefits like being able to work from home and flexible hours. However, it is necessary to distinguish well in which classification your service fits, whether it is an independent contractor or an employee. If it corresponds to have a category of employee, the employer must provide all the protections that the law requires.

The most common reasons why employers misclassify are:

– Employers avoid being forced to pay certain taxes.

– Employers could save thousands of dollars per worker each year through misclassification.

– Employers could avoid having to adhere to employee protection laws imposed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is the same as being able to demand them without having to comply with the protection provided by the government.

– Employers could hire undocumented workers this is the same as avoiding having to make sure that the workers are US citizens.

– Employers or business owners could save a substantial amount in labor costs.

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