Is Your Employer’s Dress Code Policy Unfair?

Many employers require their workers to adhere to a dress code that suits the needs of their businesses. While the law does allow employers to implement dress codes, it also prohibits employers from infringing on the workers’ rights while doing so. You might be eligible for compensation or reimbursement if your employer has violated California […]

CA Employee Dress Code: What Must Your Employer Pay For?

There is a fine line between uniforms and dress codes, one that is vital for employee rights according to California law. Employers to enforce a dress code that could reasonably be constructed from an employee’s own closet do not have to pay for employee attire. Even if you have to buy a few new items […]

Is Gender-Specific Work Dress Code Legal in California?

Dress code at work has always been a sticky subject in terms of employee rights. Some employers charge for uniforms, some make unreasonable demands, some are sticklers for cleanliness when you only have one or two sets of clothes to wear at work. But the biggest dress code problem of all is gender-specific rules that […]