How to Passively Insist on Your Right to Meal and Rest Breaks

The federal law requires that all employers provide reasonable rest and meal breaks. California has an even more refined definition of what those mandated meal and rest breaks should be. Specifically, you have a right to a 10-minute paid break for every 4 hours you work. For each 5 hours you work, you also have […]

Human Trafficking for Labor: What You Don’t Know Will Surprise You

Human trafficking news used to be all about human sex trafficking, but today we are learning that more and more commercial farms, restaurants, bars, and food trucks are trafficking humans for labor. Human trafficking for labor didn’t just start to happen, however. For a long time its victims have taken a backseat to victims of […]

Required Training for California Hospitality Staff to Identify Human Trafficking Victims

As of January 1, 2020, California has enacted a very important new regulation for hospitality employers and staff: Mandatory training to identify and assist victims of human trafficking. The Epidemic of Human Trafficking Human trafficking is among the most devastating black market industries in the world. Every year, thousands of women, men, and children are […]

Should I File a Class Action Lawsuit?

In many cases, more than one person may suffer from the same set of circumstances. Even so, the cost of litigation could easily offset any settlement if each plaintiff were to sue separately. Class action lawsuits allow you to band together with others who are facing similar situations in order to level the playing field. […]

Traits investor fraud victims have in common

What is investment fraud? If someone is seeking a high rate of return for an investment, he or she would have to put money in relatively high-risk investments. For instance, when an investor puts money into many stocks, there is no guarantee they will make any money and may end up losing money over time. […]

8 Questions to Ask Right After You’ve Been Fired

Getting fired is no one’s idea of a walk in the park. It’s an unpleasant feeling no matter what the reason for the firing may have been. This is ever truer when you know or suspect that your firing was based on discrimination or illegal punitive action for circumstances outside your control. When you’ve been […]

Is Gender-Specific Work Dress Code Legal in California?

Dress code at work has always been a sticky subject in terms of employee rights. Some employers charge for uniforms, some make unreasonable demands, some are sticklers for cleanliness when you only have one or two sets of clothes to wear at work. But the biggest dress code problem of all is gender-specific rules that […]

Can My California Employer Ban Headscarves At Work?

Headscarves are an essential part of female dress for several religions and cultures. Whether you are a devout follower of a religion that prizes female modesty or you are an active participant in a culture where headscarves are common, you have a legal right to wear your headscarf at work under most California employers. Dress […]

Human Trafficking & Labor Exploitation

With promises of a better life, legal immigration and better pay, unsuspecting impoverished people, as well as those suffering psychological, emotional, or economic hardships, or political instability, are lured, then smuggled into a deplorable life of servitude by human traffickers.  They come from some of the most depressed areas of the world seeking to improve […]

Whistleblowing: Are you Protected?

Whistleblowing: Are you Protected? A whistleblower is defined as someone who reports workplace misconduct. This means that they are telling someone about bad things that are happening in the company that they work for. This could be pollution or even the way that they treat their employees, and anything in between. Whistleblowers don’t even have […]