New Minimum Wage OT Laws Affect the Agriculture Industry

California is one of the most regulated states in the country, creating a competitive disadvantage when it comes to agriculture. As the country’s largest producer of agricultural goods, California was the first state to address fair pay for agricultural workers by introducing overtime pay. The new wage and employment regulations are the top two issues […]

6 Situations Where You Should Consult an Overtime Pay Claims Lawyer – Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article. Last time, we talked about how employers commonly deny overtime through one of many methods in order to save money, take advantage of employees, and sometimes from simple incompetence. Join us again today as we pick up where we left off. […]

6 Situations Where You Should Consult an Overtime Pay Claims Lawyer – Part 1

For many employers, overtime is their worst nightmare. Not only does it mean that work stacked up enough that employees had to stay late. It also means they have to pay their employees time and a half instead of their usual wages. For penny-pinching companies that are worried about the bottom line, denying rightful overtime […]

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Fair Day’s Pay Act

On October 11, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown approved Senate Bill 588, the Fair Day’s Pay Act and filed it with the California Secretary of State. This law is aimed at cracking down on employers that fail to pay wages to employees even after a judgment in the employee’s favor has been entered. The change in […]