How California Deals With Securities Fraud

People often think of New York as the financial center of America, but you can buy and sell securities anywhere. Even people here in California can get rich off of Wall Street. There are federal rules concerning the trade that you have to abide by, and most people know that the SEC oversees the enforcement […]

Traits investor fraud victims have in common

What is investment fraud? If someone is seeking a high rate of return for an investment, he or she would have to put money in relatively high-risk investments. For instance, when an investor puts money into many stocks, there is no guarantee they will make any money and may end up losing money over time. […]

Does Your Investment Loss Need To Be Scrutinized?

Investing your money is one of those smart money moves that everyone praises. However, it doesn’t always pay off. This is aggravating and scary enough when it happens in the normal course of doing business, but it becomes downright illegal when you lose money because your investment broker did something he or she wasn’t supposed […]

Types of Securities Fraud Consumers Should Recognize

Usually, when consumers think of securities fraud, they imagine someone that provides misleading information about a company and the valuation of its stock. Investors outside of the trading inner-circle begin making decisions and taking actions based upon corporate misconduct. It’s as bad as it sounds. However, securities fraud is not just limited to lies regarding stocks. […]

Are You Vulnerable to Investment Fraud?

People who get bilked by investor fraud have certain common characteristics, according to recent studies. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) Fraud Watch Network completed a survey in 2016, looking at the demographics of fraud victims. Previous surveys have found that investment fraud victims are better educated, financially literate males, usually older than average […]

What Do Investor Fraud Victims Have In Common

The rise of technology that makes it easier for scammers to reach people and more people making financial decisions on their own is allowing investment fraudsters to have a field day. The FTC reported in their 2016 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book that they had 1.3 million complaints related to fraud in 2016, which made […]

Who Has Fiduciary Responsibility, And What Can You Do When There Is A Breach

When you invest your money, you are taking a great deal on trust. One of the biggest things you have to trust is that the person who is handling your investments is taking their duties seriously. That is why the laws about fiduciary responsibility are stringent. So, just who do these laws apply to, and […]

What is Securities Fraud and How a Lawyer Can Help You

If you own stocks, it’s critical that you know what’s involved in securities fraud. Also known as investment fraud or stock fraud, securities fraud is a deceiving practice in which sales or purchase decisions are made based on false information. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the term, “securities fraud”, but you’ve heard of the downfall of […]

Investor Fraud: What Can You Do When Someone Makes Off With Your Money?

Investor fraud can come in a wide variety of forms, but the central theme is basically the same: you entrust your money to another party who you believe to be making the best investment decisions with it, but instead they betray your trust and take it from you. The Financial Fraud Research Center estimates that […]

California Man Convicted in $250 Million Ponzi Scheme

On May 13, 2013 a federal jury came back with a guilty verdict against a California man for devising an enormous Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors out of more than $250 million. Sixty-year-old James Stanley Koenig was convicted of thirty-five out of thirty-six criminal charges that prosecutors imposed on him. Koenig was detained awaiting his […]