Are you Vulnerable to Investment Fraud?

Every day we hear about scammers and fraudsters trying to rip people off — from gas pump scammers to credit card scammers, from identity theft to Medicare fraud, from gutter installations to credit repair, these scam artists are everywhere. The list of potential swindles is endless. The practice of scamming people is not new – […]

What is Securities Fraud?

There are many different types of fraud that occur on a regular basis. Sometimes it is easier to see that something is going on, while others can be harder to catch. Securities fraud is becoming more serious and it is something that you need to be aware of, if you are investing your money for […]

How to Sue Harassing Debt Collectors for Breaking the FDCPA Rules – Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on all the rules written by the FDCPA to stop debt collectors from ruining people’s lives with dirty tactics. Every one of these rules was written to protect you and others like you from harassment and you have the legal right to defend yourself. If […]

How to Sue Harassing Debt Collectors for Breaking the FDCPA Rules – Part 1

Debts happen to everyone. Houses, cars, school, large financial decisions and family disasters that must be paid for all create debts along with hundreds of unique situations in between personal and business life. Unfortunately, even if your debt started with a reputable company or financial firm, at some point that debt was ‘sold’ to a […]

False Sales Prices Can Be Posted Online, Too

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it is looking into allegations that posted false sales prices as part of their review of the company’s merger with Whole Foods. This was partially in response to a petition sent to it by the advocacy group called Consumer Watchdog. They had performed 2 studies of Amazon’s […]

Fake Sales in California Department Stores Trigger a Customer Class Action

It seems like department stores will do anything to get more purchases, but recently several California stores have taken the cake with downright fraud. Everyone loves a sale, and the department stores know that. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a beautiful blouse or a useful appliance for more than 10% off the listing […]

Your Guide To False Advertising

Lying about services or products to scam money off of people is as old as the hills. It cheats people out of their hard earned money and generally drives the cost of living up. Consequently, most states have had some type of regulations against false advertising since the 1910’s, and the FTC has national jurisdiction […]

Defrauding the Consumer

Consumer fraud refers to a wide range of crimes that revolve around purchases, where people pay money for things they don’t want or don’t get what they paid for, both products and services. Fraud against consumers can take place in person, by telephone, or online. It can come in forms of false and misleading advertising, misleading […]

Man Insists on Enforcing Extended Warranty

Bryn bought a Healthmaster Blender several years ago. He also bought the extended warranty that covered the product for an extra seven years. When his blender broke down with two years left on the extended warranty, he called the company. The company wanted to sell him a refurbished model for an extra $75.00 at first. […]