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Whether you have lost your job or you are just looking for a new job, the search can be overwhelming. You could spend days reading newspapers and looking online. You could apply to multiple jobs, and you may never hear back from any of them.

At that point, you may want to consider looking into some temporary work. However, it is not for everyone. While there are some positive reasons to go into temping, there are some negative ones too!

At that point, you may want to consider looking into some temporary work. However, it is not for everyone. While there are some positive reasons to go into temping, there are some negative ones too!

Here are some of the pros of temporary work.


When you are a temporary worker, you have more freedom. You can pick and choose jobs that seem interesting. When the job doesn’t fit, you simply find another one. Many people love the freedom of working when and where they want, to best suit their needs.


Many temporary workers love the variety of work that they get to experience. This may be very helpful if you are not really sure what you want to do with your life. By trying a few different jobs and companies out, you just might find your calling.

More leniency.

As a temporary worker, your employer is the temp agency that you are using. Though you have to follow the dress code and other rules at the company where you are working, you will have a little leniency since you are just working for a short period.

Provides income while searching for a job.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck so they can’t wait weeks or even months until the right job comes along. By working a temporary job, they can focus on finding the perfect job for them, without worrying about their finances in the meantime.

Possibility for permanent placement.

There are times when temporary workers get hired. If you go above and beyond, showing the company that you are a hard worker, you may have a job even when the temporary one is finished.

Here are some cons of temporary work.

Low job security.

Since your job is only temporary, you could lose it at any time. There are some jobs that say that they need you for a few months while others are taken day-by-day. If you want reliable and steady work, temping might not be for you.

No benefits.

Most people work in order to get benefits. Even if they don’t get health insurance, benefits such as paid vacation and sick time is always helpful. If you are a temporary worker, you don’t get paid when you don’t work.

Not valued.

Some temporary workers don’t feel like they are valued by the other employees, since they are seen as just temporary. They may struggle to fit in and often feel isolated from the other employees. This can make some jobs more challenging than others.

Not always paid as well as other employees.

Most temporary workers aren’t paid quite as well as they should be, unless they have a certain skill that is sought after in the place of employment.

Not always exciting tasks.

As a temporary worker, you are going to get the work that others don’t want to do. This may mean that your days could be filled with very mundane and repetitive tasks.

Becoming a temporary employee is great for many. They can work when and where they want. If it isn’t a good fit, they can move onto the next. It is also a great opportunity for those who are still unsure about what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Who knows, you might even find your next permanent job!

However, it can also be very isolating. It can be hard to fit in with the other employees. You may feel like you are not valued as much as the regular employees. You are also going to be doing some of the mundane and boring jobs, for less than some of the other full-time employees.

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