Pregnancy-and-Discrimination.jpg (4297×2317)Discrimination comes in many forms. It also affects many different people. While most people think that people are discriminated against due to the color of their skin, the truth is that there are many others who feel like they are discriminated against. They may feel discriminated against because of their sex, sexual orientation, and even age.

Many women believe that they are discriminated with at their workplace. Many don’t get the same pay as the men in the same jobs. However, they can also be discriminated against when it comes to having a family. You may feel this way through your pregnancy and even when you come back to work.

Here are some ways that pregnant women and new mothers can be discriminated against.

You may hear comments about choosing motherhood over a career. Not only is this distasteful (and not true), it is discrimination. You are allowed to have a family, if you want one!

You also deserve time off for all of your doctor’s appointments, both pre and antenatal. Your job shouldn’t get in the way of the health of you and your baby. Though you should try to make appointments around your work, you can’t get in trouble for missing work to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Though it is the law, there are still companies that don’t give new mothers time off. Though you don’t have to get paid time off to have a baby, you should be allowed to take a few weeks off as you adjust to being a mother. Maternity leave also gives your body time to heal after labor or a cesarean section.

You should also be allowed to use any of your vacation and sick time in addition to your maternity leave. If your boss doesn’t give you the time off that you have accrued in the time that you have worked for him or her, that could be considered discrimination.

It could also be considered discrimination if your company pressures you into returning to work early. They have to give you the chance to use your maternity leave, along with any vacation and sick time that you have, without bothering you. If they are begging you to come back early, you might want to talk to a lawyer.

If you return from maternity leave to find that your position was taken over by someone else, you may have a case. In fact, the company that you work for is required to keep your position open for you for when you come back. Though they may hire someone temporarily, you have to have a job when you are ready to come back. They can’t fire you when you are on leave.

You may also face discrimination if you have a still-born or premature sickly child. You deserve time to take care of your premature child who needs you. If you lose your child, you need time to grieve. If your boss isn’t supportive, you may want to talk to a lawyer.

Discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers come in many forms. You may feel like people are making comments about the fact that you want a family, instead of a career. You may also feel like you don’t get the maternity leave that you deserve or you don’t have a job waiting for you when you do return.

All of these forms of discrimination shouldn’t be ignored. You should seek a lawyer to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

If you need a lawyer because of how you are being treated at your place of employment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to discuss your case with you and figure out how you want to move forward. Please watch this short video for more information.

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