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Whether you enjoy your work or not, you rightfully expect to get paid when payment was promised. Unpaid wages are those amounts that you did not receive but expected to receive for labor that you personally performed. When an employer has wronged you by not paying you promised wages, you need to contact a California unpaid wages attorney from Aiman-Smith & Marcy.

Handling unpaid wages in California

The term employees in California wage law is loosely defined to include not just those who receive W-2 tax statements and a regular paycheck. You are an employee if you are hired to perform any kind of work or service, whether performed under contract, subcontract or partnership. In short, if you earned it then you have a right to receive it based on either the agreed terms or wage laws, whichever is greater. A California unpaid wages lawyer can help you take your employer to court so you finally receive what you earned.

Applicable unpaid wages law

Many kinds of unpaid wages are involved in legal or salary disputes. You may qualify for help from the California labor and employment lawyers at Aiman-Smith & Marcy no matter what method was used to calculate payment for your labor, including wage and hour calculations based on:

  • A fixed amount—when the employer promised you an exact amount for your labor
  • A standard of time—for example, if you were promised a check for $500 for performing 40 hours of work
  • Completion of a task—such as when you agree to do a task (load a truck, build a structure, create a piece of software, etc.) and you were promised to be paid when it was completed
  • Piece commission basis—such as when someone agreed to sell something of yours and give you part of the proceeds, or vice versa—when you sell a product or service and you are promised a commission for closing the sale

Common unpaid wage claims in California

Here are some examples of the types of unpaid wages a California wage lawyer from Aiman-Smith & Marcy fights for:

You agreed to perform some of your work duties from a remote location, but now your employer refuses to acknowledge your off-site work.

You were promised deferred payment in the form of profit percentage points on a project that would not generate income until after the work was finished (such as a movie production or development of a software product) and now that the work is generating income, you have not received your part of the profits.

Your employer refuses to reimburse you for pre-approved business expenses that you paid for out of your own pocket.

After you quit or were dismissed, an employer did not give you a final paycheck, or the final paycheck did not include payment for all the remaining hours you worked.

Your paychecks were declined by your bank due to insufficient funds and your employer now refuses to compensate you for those bounced checks.

You worked more than 40 hours, but your employer did not pay you overtime rates, as required by California overtime laws.

Your clocked time records do not match your employer’s and you suspect the employer of fraudulently shortchanging you.

You provided contract services to a company as agreed and now the company will not pay you.

You sold items and never received your commission.

When you work with the skilled attorneys at Aiman-Smith & Marcy, you will benefit from our 60 years of experience in fighting for the right to fair compensation for our clients.

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