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Unpaid Overtime, Breaks or Expenses

Wage Law and Hour Law is incredibly complicated because it is influenced by:

  • Municipal codes
  • State statutes
  • Federal acts
  • Case law decisions
  • Industry-specific and job-specific regulations
  • Different rules for public sector and private sector jobs

California Wage Law and Hour Law may require you to file a complaint with any one or more of a number of government agencies.

California law requires that employers reimburse employees for uniforms.

A uniform includes clothing that is: (1) of a distinctive design or color, and (2) not generally usable in the occupation.

The California Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (“DLSE”) has   determined that a dress code consisting of a particular color shirt and pants may be considered a uniform for which employees must be reimbursed.

As stated by the Industrial Welfare Commission (“IWC”): “With regard to color and design of uniforms, ordinary work clothes are not considered to be uniforms when the employees have a free choice of what to wear, but when the employer specifies the design or color … the employer does so for his or her own advantage as a matter of advertising, public image, or some other business function … It is inappropriate for employers to require employees to bear such an expense.”

If your employer requires you to wear clothing purchased from them, or to wear particular colors or brands of clothing, and does not reimburse you for these clothing items, you may be eligible to recover compensation and penalties.

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