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What Is Workplace Harassment?

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 Our legal team believes in empowering our clients by educating them about the laws and policies that affect their cases. For more than 60 combined years, our lawyers have helped victims of workplace harassment understand their rights and legal options. We encourage you to learn more about this important topic and to seek our services if you have been a victim of harassment. Our attorneys help you understand that harassment is not your fault and that you have recourse against your harassers. We then take purposeful steps to achieve the justice you deserve.

Definition of workplace harassment

Workplace harassment is unwanted conduct that creates an abusive or hostile working environment or that degrades or humiliates another person who belongs to a protected class — such as age, disability, medical condition, national origin, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender or pregnancy. Harassing behavior can be physical, verbal or visual and can be perpetrated by employers, supervisors, coworkers or customers. The offensive actions need not be directed specifically toward you to be considered harassment, but they can generally target the class to which you belong. For example, pornographic photographs pinned to a colleague’s cubicle could be considered an act of sexual harassment if the material promotes a pervasively debasing atmosphere for women or men in the office. Likewise, racial jokes and insults can be harassment even when not directed toward you.

Your testimony is proof of harassment

Verbal assaults, degrading slurs, demeaning epithets, inappropriate comments and sexual suggestions are forms of workplace harassment. Often this verbal abuse takes place out of earshot from other colleagues, thereby pitting your word against your harasser’s. However, in many cases, your word is all you need to prove the harassment. Our California workplace harassment attorneys can build a strong case based solely on your testimony.

What to do if you have no physical proof

Instead of relying on your memory, record the incidents in a journal. This written document can help you accurately recollect exactly what was said and when. The journal can also enhance your credibility that you are relaying a truthful picture of the harassing behavior.

Consult our dedicated California attorneys about your workplace harassment case

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