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California Predatory Lending Practices Lawyers

Empowering victims of predatory lending practices to take back control

If predatory lending practices have victimized you, Aiman-Smith & Marcy’s California attorneys can help. We discuss your situation in depth and then go to work on your behalf, backed by our knowledge and experience defending consumers against predatory lending practices and other kinds of consumer fraud. You can be assured that our law firm is committed to eradicating these kinds of unethical and harmful business practices. We work within the law to put a stop to them.

Predatory lending practices often exploit those not financially savvy

Predatory lending is commonly used to describe the unethical lending practices of a mortgage company. As a result of these practices, the borrower ends up with a loan with terms that are unfair or abusive.

Consumers who become victims of lender misconduct are sometimes just confused by the complicated language used by banks and mortgage brokers. They also may not have the best credit ratings, making them vulnerable to unscrupulous lending practices such as:

  • Stripping away their home’s equity
  • Tacking high fees onto their loan
  • Adding on premium insurance payments
  • Adding on premium insurance payments

At Aiman-Smith & Marcy, we have 60 years of combined experience fighting unscrupulous lending practices throughout California and representing victims of unethical business practices.

Legal protection from predatory lending practices

Several federal and state laws protect consumers from lender misconduct including:

If you have suffered because of the predatory lending practices of a financial institution, chances are you’re not alone. You and others equally affected have the power to take on those large corporations as a group in a legal proceeding called a class action lawsuit.  Talking to a California consumer fraud and class action lawyer at Aiman-Smith & Marcy can clarify and enhance your options for fighting back against a predatory lender.

Call our predatory lending practices attorneys in California

If you are the victim of predatory lending practices, our attorneys are here to help. Please call our office at 510-817-2711 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, Randall Aiman-Smith, Reed Marcy or Hallie Von Rock. Our office is located near the Oakland Coliseum off Highway 880, 66th Avenue exit. We welcome the opportunity to review and discuss your legal concerns.

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