On July 23, 2014, Gucci had been hit with a class action claim, which asserted that the Italian design house fell short of sufficiently compensating its workers. Janine Oda and Gissella Velasquez filed the complaint in California Superior Court in Los Angeles in support of themselves and other anonymous staff members who had worked at the brand’s California retailers. It contends that Gucci was unsuccessful in paying minimum and overtime wages and providing workers with rest and meal periods, as well as a range of other breaches of the California Labor and Business and Professions Codes. The two identified plaintiffs, who worked at Gucci’s Beverly Hills store, maintain that were at least seventy-five other workers that had undergone Gucci’s unlawful employment procedures.

Both fired from Gucci, Oda and Velasquez, claimed in their complaint that Gucci breached numerous California Labor Code stipulations. The design house, together with thirty anonymous defendants plotted jointly in, assisted and helped, played a part in the acts protested here plus as follows: Inappropriate calculation and/or time deduction from the real or exact salary amount due to the plaintiffs and failure to give workers the lawfully authorized meal and rest breaks, appropriate compute the workers’ prearranged vacation time and pay them for unutilized vacation time, reimburse earnings due at or all or in an opportune manner to fired workers, and make detailed earnings reports available.

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