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Consumer Fraud Attorney

Our consumer fraud attorney knows that it is common for insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and other financial institutions to violate consumer laws. These laws may involve lending, sales, investments, or other business practices.

Large corporations sometimes sell poorly manufactured or defective products that lead to consumer injuries or property damage. Other times, companies engage in misleading advertising and/or fail to disclose certain fees to consumers.

f you think you have been victimized by bank fraud, false advertising, a faulty product or a shady investment deal, you may be able to hold the responsible party accountable in court by filing a consumer fraud lawsuit.

Consumer Fraud and Class Action Lawsuits

Consumer fraud lawsuits and consumer fraud class action lawsuits are civil actions filed by one or more individuals. These lawsuits are brought by individuals on behalf of themselves or a group of similarly situated individuals that have been victims of consumer fraud. Our consumer fraud attorney is experienced in both individual and class action consumer fraud actions.

The function of a consumer fraud class action lawsuit is to secure a judgment that eliminates the wrongdoing or injury to the involved individuals. A class action lawsuit seeks compensation on behalf of class members for their suffering and often involves hundreds or thousands of similarly situated plaintiffs. When a consumer fraud class action is certified by a court, it allows all the claims to be adjudicated in one trial.

Common Instances Of Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud involving insurance: It is expected that insurance companies take care of their policyholders when they suffer injury, experience property loss or are subjected to other circumstances where insurance coverage applies. All too often, when tragedy or a loss occurs, insurance companies will say that the claim is unwarranted or the loss is not covered, and flat out refuse to pay those covered by the policy. Consumer insurance fraud is serious, and our experienced consumer fraud attorney will fight to protect your rights and the rights of all similarly situated consumers.

Consumer automobile fraud: Automobile dealerships can misrepresent or fail to reveal the true condition of a used vehicles, such as if they were ever involved in an accident or sustained damage. THe odometer can also be tampered with and mileage can be falsified. Consumer automobile fraud might also occur where a dealership promises to provide specific financing options, then fail or refuses to return your down payment or decline to take a vehicle as a trade in after they promised to do so.

Consumer investment fraud: There are various types of consumer investment fraud. Some examples include omissions and misrepresentations, unauthorized trading, and recommending investments that are unsuitable. If you have been the victim of investment fraud, our consumer fraud attorney can file a claim with the appropriate regulatory agency and possibly a lawsuit to recover the money that you have lost.

Other types of fraud and misconduct involving consumer victims include:

  • Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices
  • Truth-In-Lending Act violations
  • Defective Products
  • Unfair repair practices
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Insurance fraud
  • Breach of consumer contracts
  • Construction disputes

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If you have been victimized by a corporation, business, or another type of organization, you are not powerless. The consumer fraud attorney at Aiman-Smith & Marcy is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of consumer fraud. Our firm represents consumers who have been victims of fraud at the hands of corporations, businesses, and other types of organizations. Call Aiman-Smith & Marcy at (510)817-2711 for a free consultation with a consumer fraud attorney pertaining to your consumer fraud related issue.

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