Think You Were Fired For the Wrong Reasons?

Getting fired is never easy. In fact, it can be a big hit to the ego. That being said, there are times when you can see it coming, and times when it is completely unexpected. In fact, you may feel like you were terminated for the wrong reasons. You may have a lawsuit if this […]

Don’t Just Walk Out the Door! What to Do If You Get Fired

Making A Bad Situation Worse Doing or saying the wrong thing after you’ve been fired can jeopardize your legal rights. Understandably, you feel angry, frustrated, even sad; although it may be difficult, make sure to avoid making negative comments. If you have been fired, stay calm; there are things you will need to know to […]

8 Questions to Ask Right After You’ve Been Fired

Getting fired is no one’s idea of a walk in the park. It’s an unpleasant feeling no matter what the reason for the firing may have been. This is ever truer when you know or suspect that your firing was based on discrimination or illegal punitive action for circumstances outside your control. When you’ve been […]

I’ve Been Fired! Has My Employer Committed Non-Biased Wrongful Termination?

Getting fired is a crummy situation for anyone. It’s a hit to your self-esteem, not to mention your income and future plans. You might be sad. You might be angry. You might have a reason to be angry. Getting fired is always much worse when it’s for the wrong reasons. And it doesn’t always have […]