Whistleblowing and Public Policies – Whistleblowers Are Protected

Protection Provided to Whistleblowers https://www.asmlawyers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Whistleblowing-and-Public-Policies-Whistleblowers-Are-Protected.jpgWhistleblowing has dominated the media in the recent past, demonstrating the gravity of such actions along with the intensity applied to protect whistleblowers. Whistleblower complaints that are appropriately vetted often lead to investigations that can have adverse effects on the accused. These laws were passed as a means for individuals to […]

Whistleblowing: Are you Protected?

Whistleblowing: Are you Protected? A whistleblower is defined as someone who reports workplace misconduct. This means that they are telling someone about bad things that are happening in the company that they work for. This could be pollution or even the way that they treat their employees, and anything in between. Whistleblowers don’t even have […]

How to Safely Blow the Whistle

Whistleblowers are often the heroes who save companies from themselves. A whistleblower is someone who provides information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies about a business that the whistleblower has observed from the inside engaging in suspected illegal, unsafe, or improper activities. The whistleblower is an irreplaceable source of information to enhance regulatory compliance. Dangers. […]

Whistleblowing and Public Policy Part 2

In the last post and video I talked about how whistleblowers are protected from termination for their whistleblowing. This time, I’m going to talk about a second type of whistleblowing case: the situation where you learn that someone – often it is a current or former employer, but it doesn’t have to be – is […]

Whistleblowing and Public Policy Part 1

There are two types of whistleblowing case and I’m going to talk about them in two separate posts. First, there is the type of case where your whistleblowing or the employer’s violation of law, forms the basis of your wrongful termination case. For example, an employer might condition employment on your performing an illegal act, […]

UC Agrees to Compensating Surgeon $10 Million in Whistleblower Retaliation Case

University of California regents consented to compensate $10 million to the ex-chairman of UCLA’s orthopedic surgery department, who had claimed that the renowned medical school permitted physicians to accept industry compensations that might have disturbed patient care. The settlement attained on April 22, 2014 in Los Angeles County Superior Court arrived only prior to concluding […]

California State Worker Given $1 Million in Whistleblower Case

California’s state hospital system and three of its workers must forfeit a joint $1 million reward to a state hospital psychologist subsequent to a jury deciding she was forced to state pronounce psychologically unwell patients fit for trial utilizing dubious evaluation techniques and then terminated for revealing the procedure. Napa State Hospital psychologist Melody Jo […]