Bag Checks are Now Paid Time According to California Supreme Court Ruling

Is it legal for employers to hold you for security bag checks after you clock out? This has been a debate raging since 2009 when a class action against Apple of now-over 12,000 employees formed concerning mandatory bag checks. Initially, the lower courts ruled that Apple did not have to pay their employees for the […]

Your On-Call Employer Might Owe You Money

Being an on-call employee has its perks, but it also has its plights. Failure to receive appropriate wages is one of them. You may be entitled to compensation if you’re an on-call worker in California. You’ll be pleased to know that a California employment attorney might be able to help you if you feel as […]

The Legality of Using Work-Product During Unpaid Training

Legally, employers can claim ownership of anything you create, design, or develop on-the-job. They pay for your time and become the corporate owners of any on-the-clock product. It’s an age-old agreement, codified now in employee contract law. But what about the work-product of those gray-area activities? Interviews, onboarding, and training muddy the waters of time […]

Do California Employers Have to Pay for Training?

Does your employer have to pay you to attend a training session or the cost of the course? The simple answer is: YES, BUT…it depends on whether the training is required for work, the purpose of the training, and when the training takes place. Although Federal laws eclipse state laws, state laws are often more […]

Court Says Employers Not Required to Make Certain Employees Go on Break

Though breaks are essential for employees to work as efficiently as possible, there were plenty of employees who weren’t given the chance to relax during their shift. Some weren’t even allowed to take lunch breaks, no matter how long their shift was. Then, there were other companies that gave their employees a choice of whether […]

California Caregivers Take Legal Against Their Employer for Wage Violations

Caregiving can be a very hard profession. Many work their eight hours and end up staying later because they struggle to leave. There is always someone that needs to be taken care of, and there may not be anyone else to do it. Some caregivers work ten to twelve-hour days so that they don’t have […]

Employees Forced to Remain On-Call without Pay

California law is very strict when it comes to overtime, being on call, and the wages that employees need to be paid. Any employer who doesn’t follow these guidelines could find themselves in legal trouble. Any employee who feels like they aren’t being paid properly should consult with an experienced employment lawyer to make sure […]

Am I Entitled to Paid Sick Leave In California?

Employers used to be able to decide how they wanted to proceed when it came to giving their employees sick leave. While most employees were happy to give their employees some time off to use when they weren’t feeling well, this didn’t apply to everyone. Many employees had to take unpaid time off when they […]

I Think My Employer is Messing With My PTO. Is That Legal?

Paid time off in California is a luxury, not a requirement. If a job wants to try and look more appealing, then they’ll include a nice, appealing paid time off deal in their job offer. If you receive paid time off (PTO) in the state of California, this also means that you never lose those […]