Classifying Work Uniforms and Why It Matters

One of the most misunderstood parts of the workplace is the classification of an employee’s uniform, as the variance from one place of work to the next can make for a messy application of laws. What actually constitutes a work uniform? When does an employer need to pay for expenses? That depends on a variety […]

False Sales Prices Can Be Posted Online, Too

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it is looking into allegations that posted false sales prices as part of their review of the company’s merger with Whole Foods. This was partially in response to a petition sent to it by the advocacy group called Consumer Watchdog. They had performed 2 studies of Amazon’s […]

Fake Sales in California Department Stores Trigger a Customer Class Action

It seems like department stores will do anything to get more purchases, but recently several California stores have taken the cake with downright fraud. Everyone loves a sale, and the department stores know that. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a beautiful blouse or a useful appliance for more than 10% off the listing […]

Defining Work Uniforms (And Why It Matters)

Many businesses require employees to wear uniforms on the job. This can include everything from simple shirt-and-pants combos to a more complicated style of uniform that specifically shows off the company’s style. Uniforms have plenty of value. They create a sense of ownership in the company, set employees apart from customers throughout the store, and […]

Salon or Spa Worker? You Should Get Paid For Rest And Recovery Periods

In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1513, and it went into effect on January 1, 2016. And wow, were the owners of salons and spas in for a surprise. You see, hair stylists and massage therapists have traditionally been paid by the job, with part of the price of the service going to the […]

Your Guide To False Advertising

Lying about services or products to scam money off of people is as old as the hills. It cheats people out of their hard earned money and generally drives the cost of living up. Consequently, most states have had some type of regulations against false advertising since the 1910’s, and the FTC has national jurisdiction […]

What You Can Do When You Think You’re Not Being Paid Properly

If you’re like most employees, your job probably isn’t easy. But when you think you’re being cheated on your wages, it can be especially frustrating. Unfortunately, sometimes employees aren’t properly paid or reimbursed for expenses for uniforms or other work-related costs. In some cases, workers aren’t paid for meal breaks or rest breaks. Here’s what […]

Defrauding the Consumer

Consumer fraud refers to a wide range of crimes that revolve around purchases, where people pay money for things they don’t want or don’t get what they paid for, both products and services. Fraud against consumers can take place in person, by telephone, or online. It can come in forms of false and misleading advertising, misleading […]

California Workers Win Millions for Violations of Overtime Pay, Meal and Rest Breaks

California labor laws regarding overtime pay and breaks for rest and meals are clear and unambiguous. That fact hasn’t dissuaded unscrupulous employers in the state from victimizing employees in the misguided belief that they can get away with violating those laws. Perhaps they think their workers won’t notice their illegal behavior or will be too […]

Recover Your Unpaid Overtime Wages

Hard work can feel good, but not when you are not rightfully compensated. California state law protects workers by regulating how workers are paid when working overtime and extended work weeks. The overtime laws in California are very clear-cut: You are entitled to time-and-a-half pay for any hours over eight hours in a day and […]