Nine Forbidden Types of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

No job is ever going to be perfect. Therefore, there may be times when you feel uncomfortable at your place of employment. However, harassment and discrimination cause problems that go beyond a general feeling of unhappiness. They can cause you mental anguish and affect your livelihood in the worst cases. The law forbids places of […]

Are You a Victim? COVID-19 Human Trafficking for Labor

Hard work is one thing, but working too hard for fear of the consequences is different. COVID-19 has amplified the pressure that individuals feel to keep a paying job, even if the conditions aren’t the best. However, it has also amplified the fear of individuals trapped in human trafficking for labor. You may be a […]

Can Fathers Face Discrimination in The Workplace?

Though most people think about mothers when they think about discrimination in the workplace, many men are starting to feel like they are facing the same problems. This is especially true because mothers are supposed to be the primary caretaker. Fathers are supposed to come to work, no matter what is going on at home.  […]

Seven Examples Retailer Employers are Taking Advantage of Their Employees

All employees have rights, no matter what their job duties are. In fact, this is quite common in retail settings. Many employers take advantage of their employees, some without even knowing it. That being said, employees who feel like they aren’t being treated fairly should consult a lawyer to ensure that this isn’t the case.  […]

Court Says Employers Not Required to Make Certain Employees Go on Break

Though breaks are essential for employees to work as efficiently as possible, there were plenty of employees who weren’t given the chance to relax during their shift. Some weren’t even allowed to take lunch breaks, no matter how long their shift was. Then, there were other companies that gave their employees a choice of whether […]

Your Rights as a Temporary Worker in the New Post-COVID Job Market

COVID-19 turned the job market upside-down. Immediately before, we were deep entrenched in the War for Talent, as employers compete for a limited job market. Now, over 40 million people have been displaced from their jobs in the US alone. With many businesses temporarily or permanently closed, those millions are looking for any jobs that […]

Am I Entitled to Paid Sick Leave In California?

Employers used to be able to decide how they wanted to proceed when it came to giving their employees sick leave. While most employees were happy to give their employees some time off to use when they weren’t feeling well, this didn’t apply to everyone. Many employees had to take unpaid time off when they […]

What Your California Employer Can’t Make You Pay For

Some employers are insidious. They will find a way to pinch a penny out of anything, including the employees. If you’ve ever had a boss that liked to deduct things from your paycheck or make you pay for little damages, you know exactly what we are talking about. There are a number of things employers […]

How to Protect Your Employee Rights During Covid-19

Covid-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) is front and center in the minds of everyone across the world. In the United States, preparations are underway for a potential spread of the virus further into the country. With the potential of the labor force becoming diagnosed with the illness, employers have to be aware of the best […]