Is Your Bag Check Stealing Your Pay Check?

There has recently been a rising debate about the legality of employee bag checks. Not whether bag checks are legal (they are) but whether bag checks should be conducted on or off the clock. This may seem like a trivial manner unless you are one of the thousands of California employees standing in line for […]

Employee Expense Reimbursement Under California Law

There are so many different policies on the federal and state level regarding Employee Expense reimbursement, some of which appear to conflict. While the California labor law provides guidelines on what is reimbursable, there is also the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations that state what types of business expenses are deductible and are not related […]

How California Deals With Securities Fraud

People often think of New York as the financial center of America, but you can buy and sell securities anywhere. Even people here in California can get rich off of Wall Street. There are federal rules concerning the trade that you have to abide by, and most people know that the SEC oversees the enforcement […]

Reimbursements for California Employees (Mobile Phones)

Employers in California must, by law, reimburse their employees for business use of personal mobile phones. Under the Labor Code’s section 2802, employers are required to “indemnify [their employees] for all necessary expenditures or losses incurred… in direct consequence of the discharge of [their] duties, or of [their] obedience to the directions of the employer.” […]

What are Unpaid Bag Checks?

Every now and then, an employer will feel it necessary to check employee bags before staff can leave the facility. This is often due to suspicion of theft and is sometimes a safety precaution to ensure hazardous materials or items don’t leave the workplace by accident. However, there is a current controversy over whether the […]

Driver Rights in California: If You Can’t Go Home, You Should be Getting Paid

Many delivery drivers and truck drivers are not being paid fairly. Here in the state of California, labor laws are extremely specific about when an employee should be getting paid and what time constitutes as on-work hours. However, each industry tries to define its worker’s hours in the most economically efficient (for the employer) way […]

California Employee Training: Should You Be Getting Paid for Your Time?

Employers love this one: Get a batch of new hires who haven’t received their first paycheck yet. Tell them their start-date is a week out, but they’re expected to show up for job training as a closer date. Provide mandatory training for days to a week before their “start date”. Only start paying the employees […]

Labor Trafficking is as Prevalent as Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is alive and well. This isn’t a shocking statement. Even in America, we accept that such industries exist and even thrive. It’s horrifying. Nevertheless, it’s easy enough to make sure you aren’t personally supporting such a thing. But what about labor trafficking? This is when people are forced to engage in labor practices […]

Can I Legally Record Myself to Prove Workplace Harassment in California?

Workplace harassment comes in many forms. Some employers hurl insults, some deny promotions, some scream at their teams at every weekly meeting. Sometimes it’s unwanted touching, sometimes it hurts your career, but no matter the details the worst kind of workplace harassment is the kind done in secret. This happens to so many more people […]

6 Situations Where You Should Consult an Overtime Pay Claims Lawyer – Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article. Last time, we talked about how employers commonly deny overtime through one of many methods in order to save money, take advantage of employees, and sometimes from simple incompetence. Join us again today as we pick up where we left off. […]