COVID-19. Your Rights as an Employee

With the situation on COVID-19 evolving almost hourly, employers and employees are closely monitoring the situation, especially in those states that have confirmed cases, such as California.  While many of the people infected in the US were passengers on the cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, this virus has been classified as “readily transmittable person-to-person”. But, […]

Hiring Discrimination from the Inside: How Hiring Managers can Make a Difference

We often talk about how employees can spot discrimination and protect themselves or their coworkers. We talk about making a change by pointing out the discrimination or taking legal action. But hiring managers are also responsible for upholding ethical hiring practices, even if it goes against your company’s stated policies. If you are a hiring […]

What Happens To Your Vacation Pay When You Quit/ Are Fired

Vacation pay is a perk many companies use to attract good employees, but what happens when you haven’t used all your days off at the time that you are fired or quit? Here is what you need to know. How Vacation Pay Or PTO Treated In California, paid time off, vacation pay, floating holidays, and […]

Human Trafficking for Labor: What You Don’t Know Will Surprise You

Human trafficking news used to be all about human sex trafficking, but today we are learning that more and more commercial farms, restaurants, bars, and food trucks are trafficking humans for labor. Human trafficking for labor didn’t just start to happen, however. For a long time its victims have taken a backseat to victims of […]

Do California Employers Reimburse People For Mileage?

Most of us have to drive to get to work, but some types of employment require driving in order to perform job duties. For instance, sales people sometimes have to travel between stores to make their sales, and caregivers have to chauffeur their charges to appointments. This can become expensive for positions where you drive […]

California Law on Compensation for Employee Bag Check Wait Times

An increasing number of retail employers in California have begun enforcing employee bag checks when employees leave for the day and, sometimes, any time an employee leaves the premises for lunch or breaks. On its face, this is a little intrusive but otherwise legal. However, there is a serious question at play as to whether […]

Required Training for California Hospitality Staff to Identify Human Trafficking Victims

As of January 1, 2020, California has enacted a very important new regulation for hospitality employers and staff: Mandatory training to identify and assist victims of human trafficking. The Epidemic of Human Trafficking Human trafficking is among the most devastating black market industries in the world. Every year, thousands of women, men, and children are […]

What to Do When There’s a Mistake in Your Paycheck

Your paycheck is the single most important thing about working for your employer. After all, if you didn’t get paid to work then you’d be on a beach somewhere sipping fruity drinks or, more realistically, out there looking for a job that pays in money. So when something goes wrong with your paycheck, naturally you’re […]

Labor Trafficking is as Prevalent as Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is alive and well. This isn’t a shocking statement. Even in America, we accept that such industries exist and even thrive. It’s horrifying. Nevertheless, it’s easy enough to make sure you aren’t personally supporting such a thing. But what about labor trafficking? This is when people are forced to engage in labor practices […]

What It Looks Like When You’re Illegally On-Call Without Pay – Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Carmen in Nursing Carmen works as a nurse in an urban emergency clinic. She often works back-to-back shifts and usually doesn’t mind because she is passionate about helping people. But after a management restructuring somewhere far above Carmen’s position, her manager began to ask for her to stay “on-call” between shifts […]