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Education and Background

I grew up in the high deserts of Southern California and fled the desert heat to study at the University of California at Santa Barbara. (I was also fortunate to spend my Junior year abroad studying at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.)

While in college, I began to realize my vocation by organizing community groups and pushing for campus environmental reforms. In my senior year at Santa Barbara in 2007, I decided early on to support the candidacy of an up-and-coming freshman senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. I volunteered for his campaign’s field operation during the lead up to the California primary and Nevada caucus campaigns. After graduating, I joined the campaign staff as a Regional Field Director for the general election campaign. I also worked for a national nonprofit before attending law school at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Legal Experience

Law school turned out to be an excellent decision, as I learned through experience that one of my strengths is making nuanced legal arguments both in written briefs and oral arguments. I graduated in the top-twentieth percentile of my class, and my work during law school garnered awards that include the CALI Award for Excellence in Legal Ethics, and the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers Award for outstanding appellate advocacy.

I have focused my practice on fighting for employees’ civil rights in the workplace. I spent the first four years of my career primarily representing low-income workers from marginalized communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In that role, I handled my clients’ cases from intake through to settlement or judgment, including by prevailing at trial and in overcoming dispositive motions. I also litigated many complex and novel legal questions such as whether the California Private Attorneys General Act is an unconstitutional encroachment by the Legislature into the Executive Branch’s law-enforcement prerogatives.

That wealth of experience in building clients’ cases from the ground up is the foundation for my work at Aiman-Smith & Marcy, where I serve our clients by litigating the complex and novel legal disputes that arise in their cases.

Personal Interests

I am an avid bicyclist and commute daily by bike to the firm’s offices from my home in San Francisco. In my free time, I enjoy running on trails, climbing rocks, camping, hiking, and cooking.


University of California, Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, 2008

University of San Francisco School of Law, Juris Doctor, 2012


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