Retaliation often occurs from employees when they, whether at a private company or a government agency, break the law. In these scenarios, it is common for employees to inform the police or government authorities about the illegal practice that they have discovered in the company. By taking this action, the employee will receive rewards from the government for his courage in reporting the situation. If you are experiencing this situation you can allow us to protect you from your users and thus avoid you suffering the harmful repercussions and the fear of retaliation in the workplace or unfair dismissal.

What is retaliation?

In California, for an action to be considered retaliation, it must be the employee who harms an employee’s career by sanctioning, firing, or punishing the employee for complaining, reporting, or assisting in the investigation of neglect of the employee’s rights or illegal activity. In other words, the employee participates in legally protected activities. This action is performed with the sole purpose of deterring or punishing the employee for engaging in that action. Among the most common actions are:

– Degradation, harassment or violence

– Reduction of wages

– Job reassignment

– Loss of working hours

– Loss of profit

– Decline promotion or raise

– Employee transfer

– Unfair performance review

– Creation of an uncomfortable work environment

Is it your case?

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