Traits investor fraud victims have in common

What is investment fraud? If someone is seeking a high rate of return for an investment, he or she would have to put money in relatively high-risk investments. For instance, when an investor puts money into many stocks, there is no guarantee they will make any money and may end up losing money over time. […]

8 Questions to Ask Right After You’ve Been Fired

Getting fired is no one’s idea of a walk in the park. It’s an unpleasant feeling no matter what the reason for the firing may have been. This is ever truer when you know or suspect that your firing was based on discrimination or illegal punitive action for circumstances outside your control. When you’ve been […]

What It Looks Like When You’re Illegally On-Call Without Pay – Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Carmen in Nursing Carmen works as a nurse in an urban emergency clinic. She often works back-to-back shifts and usually doesn’t mind because she is passionate about helping people. But after a management restructuring somewhere far above Carmen’s position, her manager began to ask for her to stay “on-call” between shifts […]

What It Looks Like When You’re Illegally On-Call Without Pay (Part 1)

In California, workers are entitled to pay any time the job makes demands of their time. One of the most common violations of this law is seen in on-call policies. In the mind of an exploitative employer, staff don’t need to be paid unless they are on-site and performing assigned tasks. This leaves them free […]